Words from the more experienced

My countdown says we are two weeks away from the first day of school.  Maybe.  It may be that we don’t start on time and I am not too concerned about exactly when we will begin.  But we will dive in to the new school year, and this new endeavor/experiment, very soon. 

In the meantime, we have an ongoing legal dispute over a fender bender that is still not resolved but the car is still drive-able—so far.  We have some unfinished battles with head lice that may persist for a while longer.  We have two other children joining us for a full week, starting next week.  And soccer camp, and “Ridge to Reef” camp.  There are some pesky pests in our kitchen, one of which is annoyingly nocturnal (and loud).  Food shopping and meal planning continues to be an adventure, every week (because will the produce aisle be stocked this week or not?  Will a typhoon delay the ship?).  Those things will keep us on our toes.

From what the more experienced homeschoolers say, no matter what, my one guarantee is that that first day won’t go as planned.  So I will try to be ready for…anything.  What other option is there?



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