170 to go

Today was Day 10 of our school year.  It ended up being a half day because I woke up feeling sick.   I felt better in the afternoon so we were able to get some work done.  And anyway last Friday we had attended an evening lecture and screening of a documentary about the origins of food and making good, nutritious choices when meal planning, so with that and the beach clean-up we took part in on Saturday morning, we felt we could log today as a full day.

Every day feels full, to tell the truth.  We are still getting into a groove and I am still learning to gauge just how long an activity or lesson is likely to take.  Sometimes we breeze right through lessons that I had anticipated would take a long time, and other times the clock zooms forward as we trudge along.  But that’s not very surprising since we are new newbies at this whole thing.

Things about homeschooling that I love so far:

– We get to choose the pace.  We can go as fast, or slow as we want.

– Lots of time to read aloud.  I LOVE this.

– We can balance outdoor and indoor time according to the weather, or our whims, moods, needs–it is entirely up to us how we order our outings.


– We can work around Daddy’s schedule (he works shifts and it changes from week to week).  So far we haven’t: we have required him to adjust to us, but that’s because he has had more days off than on, which is really pretty nice.

– I am not totally beat by the time the kids get home from school.  In the last several years, I rush to get the errands done, visit with a friend over coffee if I can, do my volunteer work, prepare for any evening classes I may have (at church) and barely get it all done by the time the kids get off the bus.  And then I am exhausted but there is still dinner and evening sports or whatever.  And that’s the only time I get to see them during the day!  It has been difficult to find a balance.  Now I am tired midday but I have worked in a “quiet hour” upon Catherine‘s suggestion never to drop the afternoon rest time, even after the kids grow out of the need for naps.  The “hour” is usually 40 minutes, sometimes 30 but I am really happy for it and it seems to make all the difference in the world for my evening energy levels.


– I love that our dear students are still young and the Math requirements are still easy for me to keep up with.  It would be harder if we were trying this with highschoolers, that’s for sure.

I seem to have an endless series of blogging obstacles here on WordPress so I am going to end here.  Between the blogging delays and the need to plan for tomorrow each evening, I am not sure how much I will get online. Maybe it’s just one more routine to have to get used to, or maybe it is unrealistic to think I can both school and write about schooling.  I can’t tell yet.


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