The second quarterly report is due imminently.  I haven’t yet counted up our total number of completed school days, but we are supposed to have finished up 90 by now and I think we are on target, more or less.

Unfortunately, I have been aware of the deadline for this report since early January and it has been getting me down.  Rather, I have allowed it to get me down.  “Are we really not even halfway through the year yet?  Oh no!”  Or, at other moments, “We are almost halfway already? Oh no!”

And variations on that theme.

There are so many tasks we have not yet gotten to, and skills yet to be mastered.  There is so much left undone, but then I am also at a loss on how to wrap up the “Ocean Expedition” we began back in September.  I no longer feel inspired to head to the library to browse for even more books.  Instead, lately it has been feeling like a chore.  The kids and I both are a little fatigued of the same-old, same-old.  In January, Daddy went away for a week and we were on our own at home.  Then we all went away for a week.  For a fun adventure, but it was work to plan it and then I quickly became overwhelmed trying to hold it all together, while living in a single room and out of suitcases, and in a new and unfamiliar place.  Then we returned to even more disruptions to the all-holy Routine.

Long story short, we are back to basics: what was this year about, anyway?  What was the original vision?  What do we still really, really want to do before we end this school year–and this year abroad—away from our established home?  Forget the must-do List, what is the this-will-help-us-finish-well List?

This is what I came up with.

We want to spend a lot of time reading together, and enjoying what we read.  

We want to spend time outdoors together and exploring.

We want to paint and draw and doodle together.

We want to work on mastering some life-maintenance skills (chores, goal- and list-making habits, etc.), and do them happily.  Me included.

We started the year with some weaknesses in Math skills that needed to be addressed and we have made progress.  We just need to finish strong.

We want each child to be able to pursue their interests and likes, and not be bound by a larger-classroom curriculum that can’t be catered to individual tastes.  (for example: If there were questions about Marine Biology, we wanted our budding marine biologist to have the time to gather resources, get online, and try to answer those.  And for me to do it right there with her.)

There is more on that list, but those are some of the general outlines of how I first envisioned, and hoped, we would spend our time on Saipan.  Once I overcame my paralysis (slash, panic) about academic progress so far this year, it does feel good to assess where we are mid-year, and where we still need to go.


We also wanted to be sure that Daddy stayed involved in the Science lessons.  They are strategizing for a “Science Fair” of their own…

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