Art Day

For a long time, I had been planning to devote an entire school day to making art.  As we came close to the academic year finish line, we decided to just pick a date on the calendar and go for it!

We colored and painted and sketched.  I only wished we had done this sooner, there were so many benefits, and so much creative joy! (*)

DSC04714 DSC04716


this was a color-by-number by the 3rd grader


I worked on this for quite awhile and only completed a small portion. Phew. I may never finish.


The third-grader came up with this idea: she picked some limes off the tree, rolled them in paint around a sheet of paper and, voila!

 DSC04723 DSC04724

I don’t know if this is where she got the inspiration, but after reading this book about how Wanda Gag got her start as an artist and author, our very own 5th grader artiste started producing her own greeting/postcard designs:



(*psst: We also had a “Reading Day,” too!  All reading, all day long.  At home, at the coffeeshop, at the library.  THAT was a fantastic idea, and a great day.)


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