Saipan Homeschool Field Day 2015

This was the idea: to gather as many willing homeschool students as possible, and then cram in as many of our favorite island activities into one day as possible.  Get some exercise, some sunshine, and have fun with friends.

#1: Hiking


Our brave and fearless explorers [Before]

DSC04784 DSC04617

DSC04788 DSC04792


Sometimes it gets slippery in the drippy jungle. And sharp too. The coral rock is covered in moss but do not be deceived: that stuff hurts if you bump into it the wrong way.


Still brave. Just a little dirtier and sweatier. [After]

#2: Tennis

I actually didn’t take any photos of the tennis part, but I promise it was fun!  The courts were taken up by a competition, so we used the practice wall and did some drills.  When we got too tired, and hot, we headed for lunch.

The kids had pre-selected our picnic spot, at American Memorial Park, because it is the top of a little mound and under a leafy tree.

DSC04796I confess I was a little apprehensive about this part of the plan—eating outside in the heat of the day—and I had considered skipping the picnic and opting instead for some indoor venue downtown with A/C.  I am glad I didn’t.  It ended up being breezy and lovely and very comfortable.


And there were extra-beautiful blossoms around, and some fresh coconuts that were just begging to be split open on the pavement:DSC04798


#3: Soccer, plus Track Races

The kids did some warm-up soccer drills then played some short little 3-on-3 games.  We sprinted a little, and did a three legged race and a crab walk race.  But it was the heat of the day, and there was no shade, so we cut it short.  (again: no photos–sorry)

#4: Swim and Snorkel at the WWII tanks at Oleai Beach

DSC04800This was pretty much the perfect way to cool down.  It was extremely low tide so we could wade the whole way out to the first tank–and the second one, for that matter.  The kids could still jump off the barrel of the gun and make some splashes, and we spotted a few cool fish (pufferfish!).  Fun times at one of my family’s favorite beaches.



We finished the day with dinner and drinks on yet another beach, so we could eat and watch the sunset (and finally sit our tired bodies down in a proper chair).

I hope the homeschooling crew will continue on the tradition next year, it was definitely a success and who knows, maybe it couldl become a “first annual” (hint, hint, Valeri & Joy)!

photo (50)

photo (51)

(Phew. Is it bedtime now??)


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