School Assignment: Sunset Dinner Cruise in the Lagoon

Recently, after much pleading, the kids submitted a persuasive case for doing homeschool while sailing offshore and sipping on unlimited (juice) cocktails, with a sunset view.

Truthfully, it wasn’t too difficult to convince us.


It also helped that the cruise company offered them discounted ($5!) tickets when they heard it was for education.


local fish for dinner, fresh off the grill!

DSC04624 DSC04628


For several decades, the Jade Lady III has combined the best of Saipan’s tourism, fishing, entertainment and restaurant industries into a thriving and popular business.  Since we have been studying “ocean-related careers on Saipan,” and since this business spans multiple fields, it was a great learning opportunity.

Besides, the views are unbeatable.


During a break, the 3rd grader interviewed Jerry, who provides the music and entertainment, 7 days a week (except during typhoons).


Like I said, the Jade Lady does a great business.  No one leaves this sunset cruise with a frown.  Nobody.  We sure didn’t.  And we also gained more insight into how some folks on Saipan make a pretty fun “living from the sea.”


Dance party finale



oh, I almost forgot: this is the sunset part of the “sunset cruise.”

And that, folks, is what we call homeschooling over here in the CNMI.


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